Strict Silicone Bit Gag and Nipple Clamps
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Strict Silicone Bit Gag and Nipple Clamps

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What do you do when your playmate has been particularly disobedient? Maybe they're being a little too mouthy? Or maybe they just need a gentle reminder of who's boss. Well, there are any number of devious options, of course, but we're going to recommend this set from Strict.

Now, the classic silicone bit gag keeps them quiet and definitely unable to spit, bite or back-talk as is, but once you attach the clamps to their nipples, any attempt to do any of those things will pinch back a sharp reminder! The clamps are traditional alligators, you'll be able to adjust the tension by turning the base screw. 

Buckle up the black faux leather band around their head after positioning the bit gag. The tighter the band, the tighter the gag against their lips, so there's some room for customization there. As with any gag, make sure to check in often to make sure your playmate can breathe and swallow.

* Silicone gag is 3" (7.56cm) long and .75" (1.9cm) in diameter. Strap adjusts from 16.5-23.5" (41.9-59.7cm) in head/neck circumference. Chain length is 12.5" (31.8cm)

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