Expandable Spreader Bar and Cuffs Set
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Expandable Spreader Bar and Cuffs Set

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I don't remember the cuffs being placed on my ankles. What does stand out in my memory is looking up from the bed and seeing the shiny bar between my feet. Feeling a rush of vulnerability, I instinctively tried to put my legs together. This moment of useless resistance was quickly replaced by a delicious longing as I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the cold metal, pulling my legs toward my chest...

Wonderfully sturdy, completely adjustable and absolutely user friendly, assembling in literal seconds, Sportsheet's Expandable Spreader Bar and Cuffs Set is a fantastically well-made, blissfully versatile bondage must-have that lends itself perfectly to a breathtakingly wide array of trussed-up scenarios.

In shiny chrome, the bar itself works to keep the legs (or arms) separated and positioned while secured into soft, ultra secure velcro cuffs that dangle tantalizingly from the customizable spreader- the versatile design works equally well with compatible restraint gear.

The set will come to you in five pieces, three bar components and 2 polyester cuffs. The main bar section is identifiable by the embossed Sportsheets logo, into which the two side bars need to be placed. A unique design allows for effortless set-up, simply depress the metal buttons on each side bar while sliding it into the centerpiece- once the desired length is reached, position the buttons under the sizer spaces on the main, they'll pop into place and hold tight. The Expandable Spreader is 29 inches (73.7cm) at its shortest, and can be lengthened to a full 37 inches (94cm), offering lots and lots of sizing options.

As for the cuffs, they're snug and equally versatile, attaching to the bar rings with simple claps- they can be removed and used alone (they'll attach to each other via that same clasps), likewise, cuffs you already own and love can be affixed. Try the Spreader with tethers, ties and more, there's an incredible number of ways this sturdy staple can be enjoyed. Nickel free.


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