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How to Have a Hands-Free Orgasm: the Man's Guide

The hands-free orgasm – HFO for short – is the act of reaching the climax of your sexual arousal with the use of methods other than hand stimulation of the body. Many first-time HFOs success stories involve using the mind alone, which is the reason some find it hard to reach orgasm without using their hands.

The Prostate Massage

The most powerful way for a man to orgasm is through massaging the prostate. The prostate is the organ that can be accessed through the anus and it’s known for its function of shooting out semen, filtering it, giving erections, regulating the testosterone and so much more. The truth is: engaging in prostate massage could completely revolutionize your sex life. The conventional method of getting a hard on and then stroking with your hand until orgasm is fun, but it has gotten really old. Prostate massage, however, adds just enough spice to keep things interesting. It also allows you to have a full-blown “Super O” as they call it, as well as to experience multiple orgasms.

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A good prostate massage has both physical and spiritual benefits. Spiritually, it is soothing for the soul. The orgasm produced through prostate massage provides a fantastic sense of well-being. A sensation of calmness and relaxation follow suit almost immediately. Thus, as an individual – or a couple – that is ready to try new things, this is a great way to explore.

Physically, prostate massage feels very good, because having an orgasm is always awesome. However, orgasms from prostate massage are even more intense. There are loads of scientifically proven benefits to be garnered from it. It increases energy and lowers your chances of depression. It is a way of making life more fulfilling and pleasant. You cannot be too old or too young for prostate massage. It can be enjoyed by anyone as long as you have a prostate, whether you are eighteen or eighty! It is even more helpful for older men, because, as men grow older, it becomes a lot more difficult for them to get and maintain erections.


How do I find my prostate?

This question is easily the most difficult questions that beginners tend to ask. It might be a bit difficult at the beginning, but with a bit of practice, you will realize that it’s quite easy to find.

Here’s a step to step guide on how to locate the prostate with a finger.

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  1. Have a bowel movement. This might sound irrelevant but it is actually a way to ensure that your rectum is clean and ready for action.
  2. I would recommend taking a bath or shower as the second step to take. You can wash your butt-hole with a cloth if you find taking a shower rather stressful. Having a full on shower is better because it helps you to relax, thereby making the rest of the session much easier.
  3. Lay down on a flat and comfortable surface, preferably a bed. You can also lay on your back with your knees bent and feet pulled back toward your butt. Placing a pillow under your buttocks may also help with the angle.
  4. Apply lube. Inserting a toy into dry butt-hole is obviously not fun or even pleasurable at the very least. You can purchase up a good anal lube for easy and pleasurable penetration in our shop.
  5. Insert your index finger between your legs and gently stick it into your rectum. You can also get your partner to help with this. Ultimately, it will prepare your butt-hole for the toy.
  6. The toy will then be inserted into your butt-hole, and then curved towards the penis. Gently nudge the stimulator into your rectum. It is already anatomically designed to hit all of the right spots. The toy will probably make you feel uncomfortable, and might be hard to get in at first. You have to relax at this point, wait for a second and then try again.

Prostate toys, generally, have a larger end that tapers down. This makes you feel comfortable once it’s in. It might, however hurt a little while you are trying to get it in all the way. That is totally normal. If the pain is however becoming unbearable, you should consider stopping at that moment and trying again another time.


The "Contract and Release" Method

In addition to using a motorized device, you can also use the “contract and release” method with a non-motorized massager. This involves flexing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles. It will feel like you are lifting your groin muscles. These are the same muscles that starts and stops your urinal flow. Keep doing the contracting and releasing for as long as you can. You can hold the contract for a few seconds, then slowly release. Endeavor to keep repeating this simple process while the massage is ongoing. Take a deep breath while contracting and then exhale slowly while releasing the contraction.

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When you are doing this exercise, the rectal wall muscles are slightly drawing the toy in and out, causing it to bump against the prostate. The harder you contract, the harder it bumps. This is what creates the good feeling, thereby leading to climax.

The longer you keep at this, the closer you are to getting your prostate orgasm.

As a beginner, it might be difficult to keep at the exercise as your pelvic muscles are not yet trained for the activity. With practicing, however, you tend to improve over time. Remember, it takes a lot of practice to get off through prostate massaging.


The Four Secrets to a Hands-Free Orgasm

  1. Get your mind away from the traditional ways. As we grow up, we find it more convenient and simple to stimulate the penis for sexual satisfaction. This is lazy and distracting from the real prize.  For hands-free orgasms, masturbation is a no-no – do NOT touch your penis.  Keeping that in mind will get you one step closer to your goal.
  2. Discover your more sensitive spots. There are other sensitive parts in your body aside from the penis that can be stimulated. Explore yourself. In addition to the prostate, inspect other parts of your body for sensitivity like your nipples. Touching these parts softly with your fingertips or with lube can help you determine how sensitive these parts are and the kind of touch that suits you.
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  1. Hands-free orgasm is not a means, it is an end. Many try to achieve an HFO a couple of times only to drop it, terming it as ineffective. What these people do not realize is that having an HFO is neither a gift nor an innate skill: it needs to be learned. Keep in mind that it is an end and whatever you are doing are means to which you can get it. What we are saying is that there is no need to pressure yourself.  Instead, relax, absorb the sensations, and enjoy every bit of feeling, sensation and experience you are having till you reach your goal. Remember that the purpose of HFO is pleasure, nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Get Creative: This is the last point we are going to dwell on. The absence of penile stimulation cannot be overemphasized when it comes to the hands-free orgasm. A small touch of your penis can mean a long minute of HFO be destroyed so fight the temptation of trying to touch it. The major ways in which you can avoid this temptation is by getting very creative in how you practice. Everyone’s body is different, and what stimulates you may not stimulate the next person. This is why some people can attain hands-free orgasm just by flexing their PC muscles without even inserting a toy! But this is not the case for most people, which is the reason we recommend using prostate massagers to specifically achieve hands-free orgasms.

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